News / AMNESIA x ECO (ECO Lottery) [Re-Run]

AMNESIA x ECO (ECO Lottery) [Re-Run]


Dear Emilian,

Below is the update for the ECO Shop after maintenance.



Sales period: June 12, 2024 - June 26 July 3, 2024.

Guaranteed Rare: 90 draws*

After its appearance in 2020, as requested by the Emilians, we are re-launching AMNESIA X ECO! This edition can only be obtained for the next 2 weeks! Don't miss out on getting this edition~

You can get one of the following items:


AMNESIA Spirit Orion (rare)

Amnesia Introduction Letter (rare)

Heroine One Piece

Rika's Dress

Ikki's Jacket

Kent's Belt Coat

Tokyo's Jacket

Thoma's Jacket

Shin's Clothes

Butler's Clothes (Sheep of the Earth)

Maid Clothes (Mad Sheep)

Heroine Argyle Socks

Kent's Tight Pants

Tokyo's Skinny Pants

Heroine Short Boots

Kent's Ring Boots + EX event ticket 1pc

Ikki's Long Boots + EX event ticket 1pc

Heroine Beret + EX event ticket 1pc



*additional note:

  • The guaranteed draw count will be reset upon obtaining a rare item successfully.
  • The guaranteed rare prize is randomly selected from one of the rare items on the list above.