News / April 13, 2024 (Sat) Update Details

April 13, 2024 (Sat) Update Details


Dear Emilian,

Here are the updates made to the game on April 13, 2024.



  1. Event
  2. New & Improvement
  3. Secret Place
  4. Other




  1. Cherry Blossom Viewing Event 2024
    • Event Period: April 13, 2024 (Sat) after maintenance - May 4, 2024 (Sat) before maintenance
      [More Details]



New & Improvement

Equipment with IRIS Card Unlocked

  • A notification will appear when a player leaves the safe area without locking the IRIS Card in their equipment.
  • Please remember to lock your equipment when leaving the safe area to avoid losing the IRIS Card when fighting monsters.


Discontinuation of Secret Place's premium gacha item

  • The exchange of ECO Medals for premium items previously released in the Item Ticket Exchange will end in April 2024.
  • You can expect to receive the final gacha on April 27, 2024.
  • We will add gacha machines according to updates from the official server or according to events during specific periods.
  • We will be making adjustments to the World Gauge.


Plan to implement Pity System for next week new Gacha Item.

We will implement the pity system for the new gacha in the Item Ticket Exchanger machine starting from next week's update.



Secret Place

Exchange of ECO Medals for the Poison Jelly Vacation machine




  • Update ECO Client Ver. 809
  • The exchange of ECO Medals for the Veaal in Gothic Night machine has ended.