News / Celebrating Children's Day 2024!

Celebrating Children's Day 2024!



Event Period

May 2, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - May 29, 2024(Wed) before maintenance


How to start a Children's Day event

Type "/where" in the chat column to see your current coordinates.


Recommendations for Children's Day Events

The warm air envelops the land of Acronia, and various guests come to Acropolis. Satsuki, the guide for this seasonal event, receives a mysterious message.

Let's talk to Satsuki who is by the fountain in front of the White Church in Uptown!

※ When you complete the event, you can get one of [Playground (Sandbox)], [Garden Pond], [Jungle Gym], [Tree Swing], [Iron Bar], or [Newspaper Hat].

After completing Satsuki's request, you can exchange 5 [EX Event Tickets] for either [Fairy Tree] or [Fairy Tree (Large)]!


Various exciting events have been prepared for Children's Day!


5 Children Squadron

5 friends are playing squadron. They look happy playing, but they have a problem... determining the pose!

Help them choose a good pose!


Puppy's Wish

The dogs at the secret pet meeting in the Lost Forest are having trouble remembering the location of the treasure chest they buried.

Let's find the treasure chest buried by the Puppies!

※ You can go to the Lost Forest by talking to [Little Gabriel] at the Pet Shop.


Old Map

Yunger, a martial arts student, feels bored with his daily training routine; he's feeling quite disturbed.

If you solve his problem, you'll receive an old map. Let's go find it!

※You can complete the [Puppy's Wish] and [Instead of Myself] events first.


Children's Day Special Course

A special class is happening on Children's Day at Fareast City School!

Let's go learn about the history of [Children's Day] and make a [Paper Fan] with the School Teacher.

※ [Paper Fan] can be made by bringing the required materials to the Item Refiner.