News / June 5, 2024 (Wed) Update Details

June 5, 2024 (Wed) Update Details


Dear Emilian,

Here are the updates made to the game on June 5, 2024.



  1. New & Improvement
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New & Improvement


A limited-time "Bingo Event" is here to support all adventurers' activities!!

Complete various conditions specified on the "Bingo Card" and stamp them. If you match 3 stamps in a line, you achieve bingo! As a reward, you'll receive luxurious prizes!

Don't miss this opportunity!!


  • Click on the Bingo icon in the top left of the screen to open the Bingo card.



Bingo Event Periode: June 5, 2024 after maintenance ~ July 3, 2024 before maintenance.

List of Events List of Rewards

Clear the Daily Dungeon 10 times.

Defeat The Ruler of Titania 3 times.

Earn 1000 Recycle Points.

Buy [Tiny Hopping] from ECO SHOP.

Participate Knight Training 3 times.

Participate & Win in City Battle.

Create a level 99 weapon.

Rent a Soul from Soul Storage.

Clear AAA [Inquisitive Girl] 1 time.


1 Reward: Condensed Multi Heal Potion

2 Reward: Condensed Magic Potion

3 Reward: Quest Point Plus

4 Reward: Trust Up 1H

5 Reward: Quest Point Plus

6 Reward: 100x Fragment of Dimension

7 Reward: ~Slot Drill (Beginner)

8 Reward: 3x Item Drop Plus