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Love in Bloom: June Bride Event


Event Period

The event period is from May 29, 2024, after maintenance, until June 26, 2024, before maintenance.

How to start the June Bride 2023 event?


Minazuki Request

Minazuki, who will guide this season, hears a mysterious voice mixed with the sound of rain.

"I want to get married... just this once..." Minazuki is intrigued by the voice, somehow wanting to fulfill that wish...

Let's talk in detail with Minazuki near the fountain in front of the White Church in Uptown!

If you successfully complete the event, you will receive one of the following items:

* Color cannot be changed



After successfully completing the event, talk to Minazuki and you can receive:

[10 EX Event Tickets] for Minazuki Fox Fire

[7 EX Event Tickets] for Simple Garter (White) / Simple Garter (Black)




The groom-to-be, Filial Groom, wants to express his gratitude to his parents who have raised him all this time.

Let's help by suggesting one of the three planned options. The items you receive will differ depending on the suggestion you choose!



Patissier Mace and his apprentice Kate

Patissier Mace and his apprentice Kate are making a Wedding Cake for the wedding event. Their motto is not only about the taste but also the appearance of the cake to ensure the couple's happiness!

The challenge they are facing is a shortage of materials needed to make the cake.

Help Mace and Kate who are in trouble!



Trials to deepen bond

Que, who is currently in Uptown, is preparing a trial to deepen your relationship with your partner.

Let's invite your partner to face this challenge together ♪



Special June Bride Costume

Resting Tiny on Tiny Island is lending out Wedding costumes to celebrate June Bride. Talk to Resting Tiny while carrying the [Love Bouquet].




Music Festival

Conductor Kero, who is at Acronia Church, is helping the couples to sing. However, there's a problem. Help him to solve it.

To reach Acronia Church, talk to the Rainbow Maker while carrying the [Love Bouquet].



June Bride Wedding

It's time to deepen your relationship with your partner. You can proceed with the wedding after going through the Trials to deepen the bond.

Talk to the Priest of God to obtain the [Couple Certification]. Use this item along with your partner to hold the wedding ceremony.