News / June 12, 2024 (Wed) Update Details

June 12, 2024 (Wed) Update Details


Dear Emilian,

Here are the updates made to the game on June 12, 2024.



  1. Event
  2. ECO Shop Update
  3. New & Improvement
  4. Changes & Fixes
  5. Other




  1. [Event] BOSS Summon BOX Exchange
    • Addition of an exchange for 3 [KT 2024 Season III] with [Event] BOSS Summon BOX




ECO Shop Update

  1. AMNESIA x ECO (ECO Lottery) [Re-Run]
    [More Details]




New & Improvement

Maximum Gold Limit

The maximum Gold that can be carried and deposited in the warehouse by a player has been increased to:
999,999,999,999 Gold.


Golem & Merchant Shop Update

  • Shops can no longer sell items for 1 Gold. This is to prevent players from accidentally setting the wrong price.
  • Items in the shop can no longer be bought or sold if the maximum gold limit has been reached.
  • Transactions will fail if there are not enough inventory slots available.



Changes & Fixes

  • [Map] Fixed the Private Dimension Dungeon where it did not provide bonus EXP according to Job requirements.
  • [Quest] The Catty Momo quest will no longer complete if you select the [Refuse] option when talking to Titus. You can accept Catty Momo by speaking to Titus again.
  • [Quest] Fixed the item name during the exchange of Ancient Claw & Ancient Rifle at NPC Hagan.